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No segues seriose online casino usa legal been included. The band quickly joins in and we hit an upbeat pace. Talk about bringing a new dimension to the solo section. Just what I love!

Trey gives a quick laugh, and the crowd gives a nice cheer. Hell they barely ever nail it when they play it every couple days. Sure seriose online casino usa legal, it is botched pretty bad. The band recovers nicely and leads us into the jam. Trey plays some weird timed licks for some reason during the lead to the jam. We are a bit rusty, but stick with it to see a Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick 3: The jam starts pretty rough.

Things are a bit all over the place before Fishman starts to lay down the beat around the 3: It takes a while for the band singapore casino list connect and a good amount of exploring is going on.

Nothing clicks until the 4: Page gathers steam on the clav and everyone is now nicely in line. Page is carrying the melody as Trey and Fish lay down a nice path for him to work. Mike then takes some of the open space click brings a drunken space alligator to SPAC at the 5: Awesome texture to this jam as things have become blissful around Gordon.

Just before the 6: Things are starting to perk up. Page is laying down one fantastic melody after another, while Trey has found a nice soloing path…. In fact it gets me moving something like this…. By seriose online casino usa legal the hardest I danced all weekend was during this section. Little did I know things were about to go up a serious notch. The Cactus is sly. He hangs back for a moment, lets Page article source that filthy texture into this jam, then attacks with a fury.

This is the type of music superhero babies are made to. Trey plays a seriose online casino usa legal paced, and textured lick that just adds to this German blitzkrieg.

Well done Big Red! Meanwhile, the power of Gordon is in full force. Trey unleashes an even better lick at 9: In fact this calls for a new term I want to use for this kind of jamming. As HOT as that got it cools just as fast. That has to count for something. There are better jams for sure, but the last 4: I throw it on to fire me up before I head out. I actually liked the 4: Chordy Trey makes me happy. I liked all the pre-ejamulation that happens there.

Its fucking brilliant, and Trey and Page hang tight on their chords to let Mike shift the melody below them. I loved that shit live, and seriose online casino usa legal holds up on tape. Listen to the way he instigates a chord progression underneith Page and Trey, without them changing.

Its almost the best part of the jam for me. Its so unique, so cool. Gumbo, I totally agree. On another listen the other day, I found a much better appreciation for the section you are talking about. Thank you for making light of it. July 12,6: July 12,8: July 12, Best wishes July 13,3: Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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